The Program

There is a small theater in Paris that has been running Ionesco’s absurdist play “The Bald Prima Donna” non-stop since 1957. Same script,same theater,same story, every day, year after year. The only thing that has changed are the actors. Life can be this way.

If you are tired of the same story repeating itself, it’s time to Heal Your Story - Change Your Life.


Have you ever uttered the words: Why me? Why is this happening again? Perhaps you have also said: I always attract bad lovers/horrible bosses/unsatisfying career/ insert your own particular situation


I never seem to get it right/feel happy/achieve my goals/go for my dreams/insert your own experience.

Chances are you are going through life with a script created a long time ago and the only thing changing are the people being cast to play the different roles in Your Story.

Conscious and empowered decisions are made once we become aware of the story we are telling ourselves.

Heal Your Story - Change Your Life

A 3 month, weekly 1-2-1 Transformational Coaching Program designed to help you live life to your full potential.

The Program consists of individually tailored and carefully curated, weekly 50min sessions over Skype or Zoom.

If you identify with the stories below - and are ready to make changes -this program is for you!


Old Story #1

Overwhelmed by Life
You are juggling too many tasks and forgetting one crucial element in the process: your self care.

New Story
Feeling replenished, with inner poise and systems in place to handle life’s challenges.

Old Story #2

Analysis Paralysis
Unable to make decisions out of fear of making the wrong one.

New Story
Clear on what you want, desire and need. Actions aligned with your thoughts and feelings.

Old Story #3

Groundhog Day
The same situations happen again and again. You wonder if things will ever change.

New Story
Noticing when old patterns come up and do an empowered plot twist with the knowledge that you are the creator of your Story.

Old Story #4

Doubt sneaking into your life through negative self-talk.

New Story

Creating space for the strong and nurturing voice to your inner Queen/Goddess. Slay on a daily basis.


Old Story #5

Lack of Motivation
Finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, going to the gym, eating healthy, etc.

New Story
Energized and with a sense of purpose, you embrace new ideas and live life to the fullest.

Old Story #6

Increasing anxiety
Rumination and lack of focus affecting day to day life. Easily distracted.

New Story

At ease and living a mindful existence.

Old Story #7

Low Self-Esteem
A sense of not being good enough. Not seeing how wonderful you are and making decisions in life that reflect that i.e. Toxic relationships.

New Story
Feeling worthy of love. Knowing that you are resourceful and have so much to offer the world. You are loved.

Old Story #8

The Outsider
Feeling different. Not fitting in. Yet knowing that you have a purpose, just unsure what it is.

New Story

That thing that makes you different is your super power. You find your tribe, no more looking to fit in, you know that you belong.